About Us

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Our Mission

     Provide a positive and unique outlook on life, while helping bearded men look and feel their best. We try and look at life from all sides. We live with an open mind and understanding of what’s important!  So, building a family around laughter and good times, while making sure our beards look and feel their best in very important here at Chronic Beard! 

     We want to provide the best possible customer service, while also producing a unique style of beard products and branding.  One of our main goals is to share the amazing benefits that Hempseed Oil can have on your beard! Hempseed Oil has many special nutrients to help promote a strong healthy beard. Not many companies use hempseed oil the way we do here at Chronic Beard. Sometimes there is a stigma with the Hemp Plant, but we embrace it and want to share all the wonderful things that come from it. Hempseed Oil just happens to be one of the many wonderful products produced.

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Our Beliefs

      We promote and thrive for open mindedness. Never judging anyone for their beliefs or way of life. Do what makes you happy. Life is too short not to enjoy everyday. We are here for a good time, not a long time, so LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!!!  


Mike Evensen

Founder and CEO of Chronic Beard is just one small piece to Mike. He’s a husband to a beautiful woman, that loves his beard by the way! He has three amazing children (2 boys, 1 girl). Born in Tennessee but grew up just minutes outside of Detroit, MI. Where he worked for the worlds largest freight forwarding company.

Mike always wanted a beard. He comes from a family of bearded men, his father has had a beard for over 40 years and counting. For years he never thought he could grow a beard, until one day in 2015, he stopped shaving to see what would happen… And BOOM he was able to grow a beard. From that point on Mike started experimenting with many kinds of oils to help with his beard care.

In 2019, Mike and his wife decided they wanted to move back down to Tennessee, so they bought a house and moved with their 3 kids and dog. At this point Mike realized he didn’t want to work for a company and commit so much of his time just for a paycheck. He wanted to provide something for the people. With the support of his wonderful and successful wife, Mike decided to go into business for himself, so he started Chronic Beard. He wants to share with all bearded men the great benefits of his unique and special blend of beard oils. 

Beard Logo

Beard Logo